Leaders Taking Compassionate Action

Leaders Taking Compassionate Action

LeaDev-Langham’s ministry partners are supported to be the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus to their communities, in the event their geographic area is hit by an earthquake, tsunami, fatal disease, war, or other disaster.  We put the word out and generous Kiwis respond immediately with compassionate giving from New Zealand, enabling our partners and their ministries to give practical compassion to those around them.

For our Partner Schools, very often their facilities, staff, and students are personally affected by the crisis, and it is impossible for them to continue studying in the midst of the chaos, trauma and grief. For a period of time, their focus shifts, and we support them in this. We help our ministry partners respond to the need in their families, and those around them, and to rebuild their Partner School facilities; so as to within as short a time as possible, continue to train leaders to serve the church. Ever courageous, our friends who are experienced leaders, say these times of suffering give emerging leaders the opportunity to put real-life action to their theological theory.

Leaders are supported to take compassionate action via Humanitarian Development International (HDI)

Myanmar: Rakhine State refugees

Through a current partner in Myanmar, P_* and his team, hundreds of refugee children and their families are being supplied with r
ice, medicines, clothes, blankets and mosquito nets

Your gift enables leaders to take compassionate action and bring the practical love of Jesus to children, families and others in their community who are suffering as a result of a sudden disaster.

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