Campus Development

Campus Development

Development at Partner Schools is about building facilities (e.g. classrooms, libraries, dormitories) of adequate size and quality to meet the growing number of trainee leaders preparing to lead the church in future years in Asia-Pacific.

With more people coming to know Christ, more people are keen to study the Bible in a formal way, enrolling with Partner Schools. Whilst this is encouraging for the growth of the church, overstretched campus facilities are not conducive to good learning.

Developing a functional and enabling learning environment may mean the purchase of land or new buildings, constructing new facilities or renovating old ones. It may even mean relocating an entire Partner School. Whatever form it takes, it is always about enabling expansion and ensuring that students and staff have the best environment in which to learn. Over the years we have helped develop lecture halls, libraries, dormitories and chapels, creating better learning environments for thousands of Christian students.  

More library, more learning and more leaders in North West Myanmar

Eight years ago independent and uncooperative Bible schools in Kalaymyo, next to Chin State, set aside their tribal and denominational differences to collaborate in their leadership training ventures.  They established the Kalaymyo Consortium of Bible Colleges (KCBC) and out of that has developed the Kalaymyo Christian Resource Centre (KCRC).

Today the KCRC is the regional go-to venue for Christian leaders – in ministry or in training – to study the Bible, deepen their faith, be equipped to share the Good news of God’s Kingdom, and learn English.  Hungry to grow, they have access to reference books, computers, the internet, printers, and lectures. Read the full story.

Are you motivated to give trainee leaders in Asia-Pacific
better learning environments as they study and prepare to lead God's church in the future?