Equipping Emerging Leaders

Equipping Emerging Leaders

The Challenge

In Asia-Pacific God is at work and the church is growing at a remarkably fast pace. To grow in depth of faith not just size, the church needs good leaders in every community. Passionate followers of Christ, full of potential, are called by God to lead, but many lack the resources to surmount the practical and financial obstacles they face, and fulfill their potential as emerging leaders in the work of God.

Our Response

We stand alongside emerging grass-roots leaders throughout the region, and equip them to bridge the crucial gap between poverty and potential, calling and confidence.

Through two of our flagship ventures we give emerging leaders support, training, skills, and resources to step up and be the leaders God has called them to be in their communities, cultures and countries. 

The Results

As emerging leaders are supported and equipped, moving into all God has for them, through their ministries many more people from across Asia-Pacific come to know and follow Christ devotedly.

Dwe Nan, Yangon, Myanmar

“I currently run three ministries and hope to start a fourth business-ministry soon. Studying at MEGST helped me believe in my leadership gift, get important skills and confidence, and respond to God’s call to reach out and lead those around me.”

Through Student Sponsorships (Leadership Development), Dwe Nan received support to study at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. One investment in her as a young, poverty stricken student prior to 2012, is currently bringing the love of Christ to children, orphans, solo parents, Buddhist converts, students and others in Yangon and surrounds through the ministries she runs.  Read her story.

Praveen & Veena Bunyan, Telangana State, India

"The Langham resources are both inspirational and informative, and our own training of rural Indian pastors is enriched. Working and teaching Langham Level 1 Preaching alongside Paul Windsor gave me huge insights and clarity on how to equip pastors in preaching as I learnt from him. Belonging to the wider Langham family is a great blessing!  There is a deep sense of comfort and strength in belonging to this godly family that strives to deepen and expand His Kingdom."

Through Training Preachers (Langham), Praveen and Veena Bunyan are church planters who receive regular input, learning materials and mentorship from a Langham Preaching regional co-ordinator. They in turn train and equip over 560 emerging grass-roots leaders in rural Telangana to effectively preach and pastor their congregations, where the average size is 50, resources are very limited, and there are very few economic opportunities.

How you can help

Your regular gift to emerging leaders like the Bunyans or Dwe Nan bridges the gap between poverty and provision, calling and confidence, equipping them to lead effectively in the fast-growing church in Asia-Pacific. 

Your generosity helps them to surmount the obstacles they face, step into service, turning to help other Christians begin to use the gifts God has invested in them too.

Give now to equip emerging leaders:

Sponsor a Student with a monthly gift of $50 via Leadership Development

Donate to Preacher Training via Langham Preaching.