Literature and IT

Literature and IT Resources

As trainee leaders are equipped with resources, translations and indigenous publications needed to learn and teach God’s Word, relevant cultural issues are addressed from a biblical perspective, resulting in Christian growth and understanding.

LeaDev-Langham provides pastors, scholars, graduates, ESOL teachers, and Partner School libraries, with Christian books and electronic resources through grants, discounts and distribution. We also support the writing and publication of indigenous books for church leaders in many languages. This is a vehicle for scholars who have received sponsorship, to get their research published, giving the western church a view of Majority World theological issues from a Majority World perspective, and also offering a Majority World perspective on global theological issues.

An example of the multiplicative impact of resources are the Africa Bible Commentary (ABC) and the South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC). For every commentary sent to a pastor in a local church, a minimum of 10-12 other pastors and lay preachers share it. Multiply that by more than 100,000 volumes already distributed, and millions of lives are impacted.

Via the Christmas Commentary Challenge 2016 Kiwi Christians brought freedom and hope to at least 165 000 Christians and new believers.  This partnership saw over 300 contextual commentaries gifted to pastors and leaders across Asia-Pacific equipping them to lead others to know Christ more deeply and grow in God's Word.  Thank you generous New Zealand!

In these clips Christian leaders from India explain the value of having local resources: