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Student Sponsorships - Equipping emerging leaders

By supporting the next generation of Christians in their own country as they contextually learn the skills of leadership, the local Church is assured of a steady flow of pastors, evangelists and church planters. 

There are many passionate and motivated young people in Asia-Pacific, who are burning with the desire to see change in their countries. The key is education, but the obstacle is poverty. At Partner Schools, students are required to pay local study fees, but the cost between what is affordable for them and the actual cost of tertiary study is quite large. Not because the courses are unreasonably priced (by New Zealand standards they are inexpensive), but because most people can barely put food on their table, and because there is no such thing as a student loan.

The sponsorships subsidise the difference, enabling emerging young leaders to move from poverty to provision; and with training, from a calling to confident leadership.

We offer in-country contributions of up to 85% of the true cost of the students’ training, which is put towards the operating expenses at each Partner School. The sponsorships make a major contribution to the needs of the whole Partner School. The students supported are selected for their humility, integrity and servant-hearted leadership; men and women who preach and teach the redeeming love of Jesus. Sponsored students go on to minister to widows and orphans, seek justice for their communities and become leaders in their nations.

Students are sponsored via Leadership Development.

Your regular sponsorship of a Student via Leadership Development equips an 
emerging young leader to move from poverty to provision; from a calling to confident leadership in the fast-growing Church in Asia-Pacific. 

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