Samar Hadwwar

Bethlehem Bible College

Leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th, Bethlehem Bible College wants to recognize a woman that is a role model and inspiration to us all.

Meet Samar Hadwwar, a former student, and now, key staff member who exemplifies the role women play in theological education and the transformation of culture

Samar is the happy, kind face you first see when you enter our campus. She has been the heart of the college for nearly 20 years! Samar knows everyone and everything, where everything is, and all the stories from years ago. Bethlehem Bible College would be lost without her. She is humble, friendly, and always ready to help.

Samar graduated from the Biblical Studies Program at the college and started working here right after she graduated. She recalls: “Very few people were working at the college at that time; it was small with only one building, and most of the work was divided between me and my colleague, Nisreen. Now things are different, although the college is bigger and the work is heavier, but it is easier for me because we have more staff, each with their position, so work is divided among many more people. I was promoted to administrative assistant.”

Samar feels at home at the college, of course (after all, she’s been there 20 years!), and she has never thought of leaving or searching for another job. “We are one family that loves and cares for each other. I feel comfortable working at the college, with all the respect and appreciation I get, especially as a woman. I consider myself blessed to grow old in this place. I’m so thankful for the college; I came here as a very young student, and here I am years later, still loving it and giving from my heart.

Samar is a wife and the mother of her son Michael, who is eight years old. Being a full-time employee, a wife, and a mom is very hard and takes a lot of energy and effort: “I leave the office at 3:30; my son is in elementary school, and he needs a lot of attention and following up with his studies and homework, the house needs cleaning and tummies need to be fed! It is tough to manage all of those responsibilities, but I do my best to arrange my duties and time, to do the best I can without neglecting anything.”

Samar encourages other women: “To all the women out there, may God give you health and strength to continue. I know how hard it is. I only have one child and it’s hard enough, how about with more than one? But you are strong and capable, and no one can do what you do the way you do it, be proud of yourself.”

No doubt about it, women keep the world running! (Not to diminish the role of men – we value them, too!) Bethlehem Bible College both helps in training women leaders for church and society, and also offers them a place to practice their gifting as they work. While much of Palestinian society considers women as second rate, one of our core values states, “BethBC provides equal employment and educational opportunities, rights, and benefits for both females and males.” Join us as we work toward the transformation of our culture!