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Thank you for journeying with us to PENTECOST as we hear from our teams around the globe. And thank you for continuing to support the development of great Christian leaders in Asia-Pacific.

Our journey through the COVID-19 crisis could, in a small way be compared to the journey the Apostles made to Pentecost. During those 40 days of wondering, worrying and searching the Apostles probably experienced many of the emotions we are experiencing. As we journey together please help us to allay the very real worries our partner schools are experiencing. 

LeaDev-Langham is assisting 14 key partner colleges throughout the region.
Please support us in the work that God has called us to. You can read some of their personal stories here

You can DONATE in these areas:

SHOULDER TO SHOULDER CRISIS HELP: This will enable us to make an emergency grant to at least one of the colleges who are suffering dreadfully from reduced student fees

URGENT TECHNICAL UPGRADES: The current virus crisis has exacerbated the much-needed IT upgrades, including online book and journal subscriptions, Student IT capacity.

E-LEARNING: Helping to fund online Courses and coaching sessions 

CARE PACKAGE: Urgent welfare packages for staff and students of partner colleges. 

Note: Donations to Humanitarian Relief for COVID-19 are not tax deductible.


Our bank account: Westpac 03-0155-0347818-03
Reference: SHDR TO SHDR
Code: [ CRISIS / UPGRADES / E-LEARNING / CARE ] Use one of these options

Remember to email us with your name and address, and let us know how you would like your gift used. Email:


Post to LeaDev-Langham, PO Box 68208, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142


  • Care – Humanitarian – SHOULDER TO SHOULDER – COVID-19 Response 
  • Where Most Needed
  • Equip – Training Preachers
  • Equip – Student Sponsorships
  • Resource – Campus Development
  • Multiply – Faculty Training 
  • Resource – Organisational Development & Volunteers [Note: This is tax deductible]
  • Resource – Literature & IT Resources