How to Sponsor an emerging leader in training


Answers to FAQs

  • You can start giving at any time during the year.
  • Your monthly gift can be any amount from $50 per month. (However, the full sponsorship cost of one student is NZ$250/month. So typically, 5 sponsors support 1 student).
  • You are welcome to sponsor more than one student per month.
  • You are welcome to specify whether your gift is allocated to a woman or a man.
  • We currently have students awaiting sponsorship in Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Myanmar. You can choose a country, or let us allocate this.
  • Each student is pre-approved and meets the Partner School’s entry criteria (similar to how it is done in New Zealand tertiary institutes). The students are then selected based on their humility and integrity; men and women who are passionate about the redeeming love of Jesus, and called by God to serve Him.
  • You will receive a profile, a photo, and one to two reports per year from ‘your’ student until they graduate.
  • Students are not usually informed of the names of their sponsors, though if you would like ‘your’ student to know about you, we will gladly pass on the information.
  • Your monthly gift primarily covers the tuition fees, but may also be used towards library resources, accommodation, and food.
  • All sponsorship money goes to the Partner School to be administered by them, not directly to the individual student. Together with all the other sponsorships, it makes up to 85% of operating expenses for the sponsored students. (See more below)

Next steps

1.  Set up a regular bank AP using our account information on the Donate page here.

2.  Send us an email here to let us know you’ve set up the bank AP.  (If you’re sponsoring a Senior Leader, add their name to the email too, so we know who should receive your gift). 

3.  We’ll allocate your gift to a student, and send you information about him or her, so that you may support them in prayer as they study and continue to follow God.

4.  Still got questions?  Give our office a quick call.

A bit more background 

At Partner Schools, students are required to pay local study fees, but the cost between what is affordable for them and the actual cost of tertiary study is quite large. Not because the courses are unreasonably priced (by New Zealand standards they are inexpensive), but because most people (including the students) can barely put food on their table, and because there is no such thing as a student loan. The sponsorships subsidise the difference.

Through Leadership Development, we offer in-country contributions of up to 85% of the true cost of the students’ training, which is put towards the operating expenses at each Partner School. The sponsorships make a major contribution to the needs of the whole Partner School. The students supported are selected for their humility, integrity and servant-hearted leadership; men and women who preach and teach the redeeming love of Jesus.

Your regular gift is one of the most strategic and relational ways to participate in global mission.

Thank you!