Crisis in India impacts SAIACS

All of India is in a crisis and that includes the State of Karnataka and its capital Bangalore where SAIACS is located.

You will have heard and read that India is in the grip of a second wave of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. More than 50,000 cases are being reported each day in that region alone with nearly 50% of them in Bangalore.

It’s a terrible situation. The fury of this particular virulent strain continues unabated sparing none. Everyone has been affected and this dreadful scourge doesn’t discriminate between young or old, rich or poor. And that includes the SAIACS community on campus.

Prabhu Singh, the Principal at SAIACS, has been in touch pleading for prayer and financial support.

“Russell, as the intense second wave of COVID continues to rage unabated, many of our team members are filled with pain and grief as they have experienced the tragic loss of their dear friends and/or family members. Many of our Faculty/Staff/Students have also been infected. Some of our dear alumni have died. Please continue to pray for us and thank you for standing with us all these years.”

Prabhu has reached out and I’m now turning to you for help. Could you please make an urgent donation to be used in one of these three key areas where the need is greatest:

  1. $20,000 to assist Deceased Families and other Christian Workers medical costs:

• SAIACS lost two graduates to COVID recently and both leave behind young families.
• Several alumni have lost family members to the pandemic. Many are in the hospital at present and they are struggling to meet the financial needs.
• Prabhu plans to aid to at least 100 Christian workers, including SAIACS alumni, who have lost loved ones or are struggling with medical expenses.

  1. $20,000 for Special Student Scholarships for Poor and Needy Students

• Students have struggled to pay their tuition fees this year. Many students’ family and church sponsors have lost jobs or suffered huge business losses. Christian organisations and seminaries have slashed salaries and withdrawn support to their staff studying at SAIACS. Providing scholarships to needy students will be a great encouragement as they start the new academic year in mid-June.
• We know of hundreds of senior Christian leaders passing away through this disaster. The mission of SAIACS has become all the more crucial as it is imperative to raise next generation of leaders for the church and the nation.

  1. $20,000 to help with COVID-related health needs of SAIACS Community

• In April, a student family, faculty and a staff family in Bangalore tested positive for COVID. Right now we are caring on campus for several students infected with COVID.
• When we have all the students and families on campus, the total number of our community is nearly 300. We need medical equipment like Oxymeters, Oxygen Concentrators and other essentials like masks, gloves, sanitizers, PPE suits, etc. Periodic cleaning and fumigation of the place is also required.
• A common fund will provide assistance to the sudden emergency needs of our students and staff families, arising out of the pandemic.

Can you please help?

$30, $60, $100, $500 or $1,000 will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE at this devastating time.

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You can read about the terrible impact this is having by reading this article in Christianity Today

May 2021: India update

Lausanne Movement

Though India is the world’s biggest vaccine producer, the country is struggling to vaccinate its population against COVID-19 and currently accounts for nearly half of all global cases. In this short video, gain insight into the reality of the situation in India and join in prayer with Finny Philip, Langham Scholar, board member of the Lausanne Movement, pastor, and principal of the Filadelfia Bible College based in Udaipur, India.

Source: Lausanne Movement