Bethlehem Bible College

Bethlehem Bible College seeks to prepare Christian leaders to serve Arab churches and society. Training students to model Christ-centeredness, Godly humility, and biblical wholeness. As life-long learners, graduates follow Jesus’ way of creative justice and mercy in both their personal and professional lives.

Bethlehem Bible College is an interdenominational college which uses Arabic as its primary language of instruction. All courses are accredited through MENATE (The Middle East and North Africa Association for Theological Education), the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and several international theological organizations. Aiming for a high academic standard while encouraging spiritual growth and commitment to Christ.

Mission and Vision

Train people to serve Christ in the world
Advocate a Palestinian evangelical perspective
Model Christ through community development.

September 2021 Update

Fall Semester is Beginning!

On September 6th, our campus will once again be full of the sounds of students coming to class, excited to meet new friends, teachers, and encounter God in new ways. At this point we have 25 new and returning students in the BA in Biblical Studies Program, 8 returning students in the MA in Christian Leadership and Ministry Program, 13 new students in the Tour Guide Program, 10 returning students in the Hebrew Language Program, and 75 (active and inactive) students in the Online Biblical Studies Program. Most of these students are looking forward to being used by God in some form of ministry in the future.

We enter to learn – we leave to serve!

We have all been praying for new students, those who have a heart after God, to be recruited into the ranks of Bethlehem Bible College students, and He is answering our prayers. We still have room to accept more students as He brings them in. So we have the students, the instructors, the programs, and the will to carry this out. What we need to keep pressing on for is the means to carry out this mission. Our students are unable to pay more than a fraction of the amount of the cost of their programs, so we partner with our friends around the world to bring in the funds to enable this God-sized endeavor to be carried out.

Building Christian Leaders

If you have been able to respond to this need with ongoing prayer and financial support for Bethlehem Bible College, thank you! If not, it’s not too late to squeeze in a one-time gift to help these students as they come to the first week of classes for this semester. You are sowing into fertile ground with your faithfulness, and together we will reap a harvest of righteousness. We are thankful for YOU!

For God’s glory,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
President of Bethlehem Bible College

August 2020 Update