Bandung Theological Seminary

Bandung Theological Seminary was founded with the basic aim of helping Christians know God more deeply and equip them to serve Christ more effectively. Therefore, Bandung Theological Seminary provides education and training for more serious and realistic ministry, so that the faith of each graduate is built based on a deep knowledge of the Bible, and is encouraged to grow and develop God’s ministry in all fields. In other words, to educate Christians who are called to be pastors, evangelists, teachers, church workers and ministers of God. Bandung Theological Seminary places Jesus Christ and His divinity and the authority of the Bible as the basis for the entire curriculum. For this reason, all lecturers are committed to achieving and maintaining high academic standards in teaching, writing, and research.

The Bandung Theological Seminary logo illustrates the pattern of theological education that will equip students to be good, faithful, and wise servants of God, and ready to be used in ministry.

FIRE – above the logo depicts the inclusion and fulfilment of God the Holy Spirit who is the source of wisdom, power, and love and is an absolute requirement for God’s servants.
BIBLE – is the only source of true knowledge of God and the basis for calling and ministry (Sola Scriptura)
CROSS & CROWN – symbolizes the call to hold on to the truth and to rule over Christ.
SHEPHERD’S STAFF – symbolizes God’s call to shepherd His people.

Indonesia – Preaching training that starts with the person