College of Christian Theology Bangladesh [CCTB]

Members of the CCTB have come together for the purpose of training men and women for service in the Church in Bangladesh.


Commitment to biblical truth that is applied individually and as communities

Unity in diversity in the body of Christ

Evangelistic proclamation and social transformation

Accessible excellent education



“People brought to faith, growing together in Christ-likeness, serving their communities in Bangladesh, so that lives and communities are restored and God’s Kingdom is established.”

“Equipping men and women through theological training, mentoring, and practical ministry to be servant leaders and scholar saints acting as salt and light amongst their communities.”

Fisherman become a Fishers of Man

11 September 2021 – Rocky Baroi                                                             

I am Rocky Baroi, age 39, married to Ms Kerolina Baroi, father of two lovely daughters, from the southern part of Bangladesh, Harintana, Bajua, Dacope, Khulna. I was born in a nominal Catholic family therefore in my childhood I had no change to go to the church and read the Bible. I did not know how to pray. I was busy with fishing day and night thus would earn money for my family.

One night, during our fishing, there was a strong wave and at the middle of the river our boat sank. I thought I would surely die then.

Finding no other way, I do not know how I started to cried out to the Lord Jesus, save me and Jesus heard my prayers, nearby there were other fisherman, they rescued me from the danger.

That moment changed my life, I borrowed a Bible from one of my friends and started to read the word of God, and it became fun to me, it seems I could not stop reading the Bible. And become convinced that I need to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and savior and on February 20, 2005 I received the lord Jesus as savior and Savior of my life and I was baptized.

Then during my continue meditation, I sense the call from the Lord to do His ministry, Then I went to study at the Christian Disciple Training Center (CDC) in 2009. But after my graduation, I joined at an NGO because I needed to earn money to feed my family. I worked there from 2011 to 2016 but I did not stop my Theological Studies. I continued to study Diploma of Theology Program at CCTB from Extension.

But I was not finding peace doing the NGO work because my heart was telling me to share the good news to the people. And left the job and began to preach the word of the God freely to the people. And it was a wonderful opportunity to have an opportunity to finished BTh at CCTB in 2021.

I personally want to thank CCTB for allowing to study and helping me complete the BTh program. Through this program, I was able to learn many deep things about theology from the Bible that I did not know. I learned how to preach for change, how to study the Bible, how to build a spiritual life and help someone to be built. I have taught children and others how to set up and manage a church. At present, three churches and five house churches have been established through the grace of God.

I want to follow the Lord`s call to me. I want to continue preach the gospel where the people do not hear yet the good news. And I want to help people to grow in Christ through Theological Education by Extension (TEE).