Christian Leaders Training College

Christian Leaders Training College [CLTC] is an interdenominational Bible College that provides training to young men and women of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific to be successful Christian Leaders’ in their societies and countries. CLTC is  an approved institution of higher education with accreditation from Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

“Equipping people for Christian Leadership in today’s world”

To develop churches and communities by equipping and enabling Christian leaders spiritually, intellectually, relationally and professionally for today’s world.

  • Integrate spiritual growth, scholarship, ministry and interpersonal skills in an environment of discipleship through the teaching of the Scriptures;
  • Equip students in mind and heart;
  • Are based on a Christian world view to live and work as mature servants of Christian in their communities, churches and missions.

Story – Building leadership development capacity in Papua New Guinea

Story – Bringing Contextually relevant and biblically accurate truth