ESOL Teaching at MEGST

Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST) is an evangelical and inter-denominational seminary with students and faculty coming from various Bible-believing churches across the country. MEGST is located in Shwegondine, Bahan Township, Yangon City.

MEGST trains and equips Christians to be Christ-like leaders who build up the church and the nation of Myanmar and beyond

Bronwyn Schick
IEP Celebration Service

Good morning Dr Ronald, Saya Latt Ram, fellow teachers, tutors and students.

To me, this is a wonderful occasion – one that I thought would not be possible.

Last year, Covid changed everything. We weren’t allowed to leave New Zealand, neither could we have physically got into Myanmar. All borders were closed. Whatever teaching we did would have to be online.

We teachers started planning for this IEP course over a year ago, then met together in November to learn how to teach online. While we knew our material – we needed to learn HOW to teach it…read more

Philippa Mclachlan
Chapel Service 6th September

Good morning, It is great to see so many familiar faces including my 2021 students.  I have been asked to share a little of my experience with IEP this year.

Ten weeks ago we headed into 2021 IEP. To be honest I am not too sure who was the most nervous. The teachers or the students.  We, (all the teachers) had worked hard to convert the programme into a digital format.  We had created and recreated activities. Spent hours figuring out how to pre-assign break out groups (and failing), learning to make Kahoots and  quizlets. We mastered Google Docs and slides and have become firm believers of  google forms. ut certainly on our mettle or concerned…read more