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Myanmar – Sometimes the gift of ‘being’ outweighs what we ‘do’ for others

Sein Kyi, Myanmar

Langham Preacher Training ‘grows up’ as the team of local leaders take the programme further – without any input needed from Westerners. Kiwi volunteers Phil and Anthea Fairbrass were there ...

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Philippines – Contextual Commentaries bring Hope in Hard Places

Rico Villanueva, Philippines

When typhoon Haiyan destroyed a large city in the Philippines in 2013, a five-year-old girl asked her parents why God had allowed the storm to happen. We could ask the ...

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South Asia – Does the World need another Higher Degree?

Havilah Dharamraj, South Asia

Talk to Havilah Dharamraj and she’ll tell you that South Asia certainly does. Of course she’d say that – she’s the Academic Dean of India’s leading evangelical Theological institution for ...

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Myanmar – The path of a servant leader

CK Hrang Tiam, Myanmar

When asked what his role as principal of Myanmar’s top Christian tertiary training agency requires, CK Hrang Tiam gives a list of responsibilities and daily tasks. As he talks, however, ...

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Pakistan – Leaders develop their theology amidst oppression

Amjad Masih, Pakistan

In a country where Christians must walk very carefully because of the Muslim majority, a new training programme is building competencies in church leaders to lead in an informed way: ...

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Indonesia – Preaching training that starts with the person

Dwi Maria Handayani, Indonesia

In 2012 a young lecturer from the Bandung Theological Seminary – Dwi Maria Handayani – sat in her local church with a growing dissatisfaction with the preaching she was hearing, ...

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South Asia – Scattering seeds to the grassroots

Johnson Raih, South Asia

Johnson Raih, PhD student in Homiletics and a right hand man to Paul Windsor at SAIACS (South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies) in Bangalore shares a few snippets in ...

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Bangladesh – Life-long learning and miracles for a Leader

Champa Barmon, Bangladesh

Ask Champa Barmon, librarian at College of Christian Theology Bangladesh (CCTB), for one word to sum up her life journey, and she responds with “miracles”. At different points from her ...

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Myanmar – Bridging the language resource gap

Bronwyn Schick, Myanmar

“Even though we’re teaching English, we are training people for mission.” In May LeaDev-Langham’s ESOL volunteers returned to New Zealand from their 13th Summer English School (SES) in Yangon, Myanmar. ...

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Myanmar – PhD research restores God’s place for Christian women

Anna Sui Hluan, Myanmar

We all dream about being part of something beyond ourselves. One of the joys of serving God in His Kingdom, is knowing that as we do play our part – ...

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