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Papua New Guinea – Bringing contextually relevant and Biblically accurate truth

George Mombi, Papua New Guinea

“Instead of allowing our beliefs to influence scripture, we need to allow scripture to influence our beliefs,” emphasises George Mombi, from Christian Leaders’ Training College, PNG, currently working on his ...

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Myanmar – Bridging the gap between calling and confidence

Dwe Nan, Myanmar

“I currently run three ministries and feel that God is speaking to me to start a fourth business-ministry on a national level this year,” says Dwe Nan of Yangon, emerging ...

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Indonesia – “Our little congregation was a light in a very dark region.”

Rev Lamri, Indonesia

The words of Rev Lamri, who graduated from Tyrannus Bible Seminary (TBS) in 2004. He’s what we call a ‘Radical Disciple’; the kind of leaders the church in Asia Pacific ...

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Syria – Schools of harmony and safety for young women

Sylvia, Martine and Diane, Syria

Sylvia*, Martine* and Diane* are three young women who have gone from living comfortably in homes in their own country, to living in tents in a foreign country. They have ...

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Asia-Pacific – Books that do not collect dust

Rahul, Asia-Pacific

“If you have a book in our language (context), you have Christ in our culture.” So says Rahul, who works to equip the church throughout northern India, as part of ...

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North West Myanmar – More library, more learning & more leaders

, North West Myanmar

Eight years ago independent and uncooperative Bible schools in Kalaymyo, next to Chin State, set aside their tribal and denominational differences to collaborate in their leadership training ventures. They established ...

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India, PNG and Myanmar – A mission for retirement: supporting leadership development.

Rod and Denise Edwards, India, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar

For most Kiwis, retirement is about retreating to the bach to grow tomatoes, watching the sun set over a good pinot, and taking sojourns to Auckland to spend time with ...

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Papua New Guinea – Building leadership development capacity

Maxon Mani and George Mombi, Papua New Guinea

Meet Maxon Mani and George Mombi, two leaders from Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) who are helping to build the church in PNG, Melanesia and Pasifika. CLTC is giving leaders ...

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Myanmar – Proposing a spiritual revolution of non-violence

Aung Htoo, Myanmar

LeaDev-Langham’s first Langham Scholar financially supported by Langham Partnership NZ, and studying in New Zealand, has completed his PhD dissertation. Meet Aung Htoo, a lecturer from MEGST (Myanmar Evangelical Graduate ...

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Syria – Esther: Showing practical love in the name of Jesus

Esther, Syria

A courageous woman talks about her daily call to minister in very dangerous conditions. Each morning in Lebanon, when ‘Esther’ leaves her house and heads for the white refugee tent ...

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