Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology

Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST) was born on 17 June 1996 through the vision of the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance (MECA), formerly called the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Fellowship (MECF), to fulfill the long awaited desire to offer graduate and post graduate programs for the Church of Myanmar.

It is an evangelical and inter-denominational seminary with students and faculty coming from various Bible-believing churches across the country. MEGST is located in Shwegondine, Bahan Township, Yangon City.

Presently MEGST offers Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies (Greek and Hebrew), Theology, Mission and Pastoral Studies; Master of Theology in Theology and Missiology; and Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership.

MEGST trains and equips Christians to be Christ-like leaders who build up the church and the nation of Myanmar and beyond.

Prayer Points for MEGST – July 2021

Health of students and their families: One student lost her grandfather at the weekend. Tutor Cung had to go in search of oxygen last week, eventually finding some. Another student, lost her father in the first week of teaching. Another student, has no book resources and works on a cell phone. Also, some students are facing significant financial issues, specifically the cost of the internet (data) used in class learning – very expensive for some.

Coping with isolation – some unable to go out. Lack of church fellowship.

Wisdom when confronted by police/military. Last week a student was fined and had his motorcycle confiscated (although apparently it was returned this week).

Increased cost of food will be affecting the poorer students’ families.

Prayer for current teachers and tutors: that they will keep well and have the stamina to keep going. They are having very long days. Also, prayer for the next group of teachers to be equipped and ready to take over next month.


Pray for strength as David received at Ziklag. He faced terrible grief and opposition from his friends. What did he do? We read that…
David found strength in the Lord his God. 1 Samuel 30:6

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