Tyrannus Bible Seminary

Tyrannus Bible Seminary, Indonesia, is a non-denominational, Gospel, biblical oriented Bible seminary. Tyrannus Bible Seminary was originally called the Tyrannus Bible Institute, established in 1966 to equip believers called to carry out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. The name Tyrannus is taken from Acts 19: 9, the lecture hall where the apostle Paul trained evangelists for the Asian region. Moreover, from the beginning Tyrannus Bible Seminary was inspired by the statement of the LORD Jesus Christ which reads, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. Therefore ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers into the harvest. ” (Matt. 9: 37-39).

Currently Tyrannus Bible Seminary has theological education programs at the undergraduate (S.Th.) and postgraduate (M.Th.) levels to equip students to become evangelists through various talents and fields of ministry.

To become an evangelical theological college that excels in producing God’s servants as bearers of the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus in Indonesia in 2039.

Organizing excellent Evangelical theology colleges as educators, coaches, and trainers who carry the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is based on the values ​​of being faithful, scholarly, and having a noble heart.
Carry out research to integrate knowledge and theological skills, which are based on the Bible and evangelical theology in the context of implementing the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Carry out community service to answer the needs of the Church and society.
Implement cooperation with other theological colleges both domestically and abroad.
Carry out cooperation with church denominations and other ecclesiastical institutions as well as alumni.

Indonesia – “Our little congregation was a light in a very dark region.”