North West Myanmar – More library, more learning & more leaders

Eight years ago independent and uncooperative Bible schools in Kalaymyo, next to Chin State, set aside their tribal and denominational differences to collaborate in their leadership training ventures.  They established the Kalaymyo Consortium of Bible Colleges (KCBC) and out of that has developed the Kalaymyo Christian Resource Centre (KCRC).

Today the KCRC is the regional go-to venue for Christian leaders – in ministry or in training – to study the Bible, deepen their faith, be equipped to share the Good news of God’s Kingdom, and learn English.  Hungry to grow, they have access to reference books, computers, the internet, printers, and lectures. 

Today the KCRC is the regional go-to venue for Christian leaders – in ministry or in training – to study the Bible, deepen their faith,
be equipped to share the Good news of God’s Kingdom, and learn English. 

Since the Centre was fitted out in 2013:

  • Over 4 500 reference books have been collected and catalogued.
  • 200 people access the KCRC weekly.
  • There is a growing spirit of fellowship and collaboration between the Bible schools in KCBC, and this is particularly strong between the six ‘full members’. 
  • Together they offer a 20 week combined full time intensive English course to all incoming students, taught by local ESOL teachers trained by Kiwi ESOL teacher trainer professionals.
  • 18 other colleges have strong links.  Faculty members from all the schools use the library, as do church leaders and individual Christians from across the denominations.
  • The standard of teaching across the full KCBC member schools has improved, as faculty are equipped with teaching and learning skills.

Dr Aung Mang, Chair of MEGST (Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology) in Yangon, was there at the start to help facilitate co-operation between the Bible schools.  A respected Christian leader throughout Myanmar, he was born and raised in the Chin State. Knowing the social and religious terrain inside out, he’s deeply encouraged by the progress of the last seven years. 

“The KCBC and the joint Library and Resource Centre have helped to bring unity to many local Bible schools, to many of the churches, and has greatly improved the quality of education for young people.  It is a very big step forward for the Christian faith in the region.”

Now here’s the very encouraging link for us in New Zealand:  The success of the KCBC can be directly attributed to LeaDev-Langham’s Kiwi network of support for Asian Christian leaders. 

Since KCBC was founded, Kiwis have generously given money, skills and/or voluntary time to stand alongside the KCBC leaders. Relationships have been developed.  And through this partnership a remarkable vision for the church’s growth and development in the NW Myanmar region through united quality Christian education, has now become a reality.  It’s a tangible “fellowship in the Gospel of Christ”! (Phil 1:5) 
Read a blog on the history of the KCBC Library and Resource Centre by Dr Rod Edwards, a Kiwi educator who is a volunteer LeaDev-Langham consultant and trainer for KCBC.

From strength to strength

The scope and scale of the Resource Centre is set to expand.

  • A fully combined 3rd and 4thyear Bachelor of Theology degree in English, and have all lectures held at the Resource Centre.
  • A unified BTh curriculum for all schools, for all four years.
  • All the 3rd and 4th year classes of all the KCBC member Bible schools held at the Resource Centre.
  • Achieved Asia Theological Association accreditation for the KCBC BTh programme, ensuring a quality, internationally recognised tertiary qualification for students.

As the KCBC full member schools continue to work closely together, they have developed a long-term plan to enhance the quality of their leadership training initiative.  Their plan is by 2020 – 2022 to have:

 Bricks and Mortar

To achieve this 2022 vision more physical space is needed – it’s a matter of ‘bricks and mortar’ to expand the current facilities.  More the half of the total expansion costs have already been gifted by one donor.  We’re now looking for matching finance. 

Jim Russell, A Kiwi volunteer who has been working at KCBC intermittently since 2013 makes the following comment:

“It has been a privilege to serve the Lord through being involved in the KCBC library/ classroom development project since 2013. The library has been operating since 2013 and has proved to be an amazing resource.  The next phase of the project is to utilize the other half of the building to increase the size of the library and add more classrooms.   In giving to the next phase of its development Kiwis can be confident that they are truly investing in the growth of God’s Kingdom in the region.”

Leaders are trained and developed because essential contextual 
learning resources are provided by generous supporters & Kiwi volunteers

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