Overseas Council Global Network

The Global Overseas Council network works in five regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East/North Africa. Together with our Overseas Council affiliates we are involved in over 120 schools in 70 countries, and each of these partner schools is strategic within its sphere of influence and work.

Leadership Development International

Russell Thorp, Executive Director

PO Box 68208, Victoria Street West,
Auckland, 1142
New Zealand

Tel: +64 9 376 5190

Email: admin@ldl.org.nz

Website: www.leadev-langham.org

Overseas Council Australia

Stuart Brooking, Executive Director

PO Box 437 Parramatta
NSW 2124

Tel: +61 2 9635 4409

Email: office@overseascouncil.com.au

Website: www.overseascouncil.com.au

Overseas Council USA

Scott Cunningham, Executive Director

205 Regency Executive Park Dr, Suite 430
Charlotte, NC 28217

Tel: +1 704 357 3355

Email: info@overseas.org

Website: www.overseas.org

Overseas Council Europe

Andreas Kammer, Executive Director

Hasengasse 2
89522 Heidenheim

Tel: +49 7321 / 34 960 50

Email: mail@overseas-training.org

Website (in German): www.overseas-training.org

reSource Leadership International (formerly Overseas Council Canada)

Peter DenHaan, President

5335 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, British Columbia
V0R 1G0

Tel: +1 778 424 2231

Email: info@resourceleadership.com

Website: www.resourceleadership.com