Passionate young students and grass-roots preachers are given training, skills and support to step forward and be the leaders God has called them to be in their communities, cultures and countries.

As leaders emerge into all God has for them, through their ministries many more people from across Asia-Pacific come to know and follow Christ.


Dwe Nan, Myanmar

“I currently run three ministries and hope to start a fourth business-ministry soon. Studying at MEGST helped me believe in my leadership gift, get important skills and confidence, and respond to God’s call to reach out and lead those around me.”

Her story.

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Dwi Maria Handayani, Indonesia

“The thing about Langham’s Preaching Training, is it not only develops your skills to preach, it also develops you as a person. It’s first about who you are and then about what you do.

Her story.

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How you can help

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