Faculty Training – Meet the current cohort supported by New Zealanders

There are excellent returns in God’s Kingdom for training good leaders. Over the course of their lives, they equip and influence hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders who will go on to lead churches, start new ministries and reproduce the faith in others. 

Your gift to one of the Senior Leaders below, for their higher degree training, multiplies their ministries, enabling them to move into strategic senior roles in the work of God in their countries and beyond. 


Thailand: Wilaiwan Samathimankong is a Bible translator and church planter equipping leaders with the skills to disciple new believers.

“Even though I have many responsibilities, [I find] teaching the Bible the most valuable. I see great needs of the knowledge of the Son of God in Thai churches. I commit myself to train Thai church leaders so they can glorify God in their ministries.” 

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One of the first to follow Christ in her rural village committed to animism and Buddhism, Wilaiwan now leads a project to translate the Bible so that it is accessible to Thai Muslims, lectures at Chiang Mai Theological Seminary, and – with her husband – has planted several new churches. To position her for the next phase of her leadership within the Thai church, from 2017 she studies a Master of Theology at SAIACS in Bangalore India, after which she will return to Chiang Mai to move into greater ministry responsibilities.

Papua New Guinea: George Mombi has an apostolic role and is addressing the high level of misinterpretation in the Melanesian church regarding the blessing of God.

“In the Melanesian region, CLTC [Christian Leaders Training College] is strategically placed because it is interdenominational and not aligned, and my PhD is also strategic: Through CLTC I am passing on the knowledge I have gained to men and women who will go back to their churches equipped with contextually relevant yet accurate biblical insights and skills, to teach and disciple followers of Christ.”

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George is strategically positioned to bring significant change to the Pasifika church. From 2015, studying a Ph.D at Otago University, he has identified an erroneous trend within the growing Melanesian church concerning the concept of gutpela sindaun (good life), and is confident his research will help correct this within context, so that “instead of allowing our beliefs to influence scripture, we can allow scripture to influence our beliefs.” Once his research is complete, he will return to Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC) to take up an Apostolic role of enabling and developing other Bible schools in the region, encouraging Christians away from sectarianism, a prosperity gospel, and sideline-sorcery, to become more rooted in scripture and devoted to Christ. George is a Langham Scholar. Read his story.

Myanmar: Ning Ngaih Lian (Liannu) is an educationist and curriculum developer putting Christ at the centre of Christian education. 

“My life purpose is to help everyone get saved and know the truth…. I have a strong passion to upgrade the Christian educational ministries of the churches in Myanmar by developing a profoundly Christ-centred curriculum.” 

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In early 2016 Ning Ngaih commenced PhD studies in Christian Education (Transformative Learning), with Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST) in the Philippines, as this level of training is not available in Myanmar. Her studies are strategic for Myanmar because in a prevailing Buddhist context, culture and worldview, training new believers in Christian education is critically needed in Myanmar churches.  Once back in Myanmar, her PhD will mean that MEGST will be able to offer a Christian Education major at both MDiv and MTh levels. She is a key woman leader role-model at MEGST, where almost half the students are women. 

Myanmar: Ca Nuam Mang is a writer and historian showing church leaders how God has been at work in Asia for centuries. 

“After Torch, I will come back to my country and teach church history because I have a great plan to train, equip, prepare, strengthen and enhance students’ leadership skills at MEGST. I believe that the students will, in turn, serve the Lord as effective leaders of Myanmar churches.”

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In early 2016, Ca Nuam was chosen by MEGST to commence MTh studies at Torch Trinity Graduate University (TTGU), Seoul, Korea, in Asian Church History. Although married, he has left his wife and three children in Myanmar to reduce costs. Ca Nuam Mang’s studies are valuable and strategic for the development of new emerging leaders in Myanmar because he will be training leaders who will be planting churches in communities and contexts that are strongly Buddhist in culture and worldview. Giving leaders a deeper understanding of the history of the church in Asia and how God has been at work in the region for centuries, is extremely valuable. He is a prolific writer, already publishing three Christian books in the Chin language, and will probably publish again in the future. After completing his studies, he will succeed the MEGST faculty member who currently teaches Church History.  

India: Tito Hesso is a preaching trainer confronting shallow biblical exposition, by providing excellent homiletics training to the next generation of Christian preachers and pastors.

“My passion is to equip Christian leaders in excellent preaching skills, ensuring that their commitment to biblical exposition is not shallow, but brings out the full riches in God’s Word.”

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Coming from Shalom Bible Seminary in Nagaland, and studying alongside Johnson Raih under Paul Windsor’s specialisation, since June 2016 Tito has been studying a PhD in Philosophy in the department of Homiletics (preaching) at SAIACS (South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies), Bangalore. His qualification and future ministry fill an astonishing gap – no PhD qualified Indian teacher of preaching in India. Without this, in the future excellent preaching could be a rarity; biblical exposition shallow; the blandishments of prosperity preaching unchallenged.

Papua New Guinea: Maxon Mani is passionately working for unity within the fractured Pasifika church.

“Whilst we have many denominations that make up the church in the Pacific they are often times against each other; I believe God is calling for unity among those of us who are evangelicals. I believe proper biblical teaching is lacking in the region and may be the cause of many misunderstandings and divisions.”

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Peace and unity are close to this ex-soldier’s heart: it was whilst dying from blood loss as a result of a bullet wound and in a coma that he came to know Christ. God spoke to him: “call upon the name of the Jesus and you will be saved.” He did and miraculously survived the ordeal and became a strong influence on other officers and soldiers in the defence force for 12 years. In the years that followed Maxon faced many very difficult experiences which God helped him through. After studying theology to assist in his ministry, in 2012 he joined the lecturing staff at Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC), and is now furthering this with a Ph.D through Otago University in New Zealand. He is passionate about church unity.