Multiplying the ministries of Senior Leaders


Qualified biblical leaders who can listen to the world and build contextual bridges to the Word are in short supply – from village churches to urban seminaries. Senior Leaders are sponsored with Masters and PhD study as well as pastoral support whilst they study, enabling them to take their leadership to the next level. 

There is excellent multiplicative impact of training one good Senior Leader – over the course of their life, they equip and influence hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders who will go on to lead churches, start new ministries and reproduce the faith in others. Many of them exercise significant influence through their writing and wide leadership in the regional and even global church. 


Ning Ngaih Lian (Liannu), Myanmar

Liannu has just finished her PhD and is the last faculty recruit of our beloved late brother, Aung Mang, founding Principal, MEGST. Liannu is now back in Myanmar teaching at MEGST. Her specialist area is Christian Education [formally known as Transformative Learning]. Liannu’s PhD in this much needed area gives MEGST options to offer a major in Christian Education at MDiv, MTh, and DMin levels.

Watch an update from Liannu

Havilah Dharamraj, South Asia

“In the Christian faith, we need people on the ground, but we also need people at the top levels, because that’s where the big systemic changes take place in our societies. When you work from the top down, you can help sustain movements that are happening from the ground up…  

“Because I achieved a PhD, my influence has been much, much greater and very explicitly for equipping the Church across the region.”

Read her story.

How you can help

Your gift multiplies the ministries of senior leaders like Havilah, enabling them to move into strategic senior roles in the work of God in their countries and beyond. Because of your help, every 2 to 4 years they train a wide circle of proteges in the fast-growing Church. 

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