Strategic mission 

Supporting the development of leaders in the church in Asia-Pacific:

We see that in Asia-Pacific God is at work and the church is growing at a remarkably fast pace. There are leaders being raised up, but not enough to help the millions of new believers grow towards Christian maturity.

Most Christians we meet there live in very difficult circumstances – poverty, food scarcity, oppressive governments, tribal conflict and discrimination, persecution, and inadequate education. It is very difficult for those who hear God’s call on their lives, to get the relevant and quality training they need, to become the leaders of maturity and stature that the growing church in turn needs.

Leaders called by God, need access to thorough, biblical training and teaching. By supporting Partner Schools and allied ministries as training nodes for the church, many more competent leaders are equipped to plant new churches, train even more leaders and head up missions in their own area. There is a huge multiplier effect.

Training leaders in their own country, rather than the west, means emerging leaders are able to put contextual relevance to their leadership. There is also less ‘brain drain’ to western countries, and it is much more cost effective all round.

The details of what God is doing in his church are different in each region, and each Partner School and ministry is unique. We work relationally with our partners; we don’t do the work for them, or even join their Boards. Rather we come alongside and encourage them within their ministry and context. We also invite them to give steer to our investment; and in doing this we find that our lives are deeply and meaningfully influenced by them.

We believe working in this way is the most strategic, long term, and sustainable contribution western Christians and churches can make in reaching, teaching and discipling the world’s unreached billions.

We invite New Zealanders to get involved.