We’ve gone from three to thirty-four and counting…

“Esther” working in the Beqaa Valley amongst Syrian refugee families It is estimated that more than 40,000 infants have been born among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon in the last two years.  When I had the idea to help some of those I was dreaming to be able to extend help not to more than 10 infants. In fact, during the first few months in 2013 we were able to help three infants only. Now and because of your prayer and support we were able to help 34 infants!

In reality, you are not only helping the infant herself/himself by providing the basic needs for a dignified start in life, but you are also showing the love of Christ to her/his family. The visits that my team and I pay regularly to those refugees give us tremendous opportunities to share the Gospel. It is overwhelming when Muslim mothers express their sincere appreciation to us (and you) by saying, for example: “While we were abandoned by our own people, you, followers of Issa al-Maseeh (Jesus Christ), have showed us real love.”

It is my prayer that our organisation will be able to do more by God’s grace and your generosity.  On behalf of 34 infants and their families, we send thanks and appreciation to all our New Zealand supporters.