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Syria – Sewing torn lives back together

Mara, Syria

What do you do when you’re a young, widowed mother, with limited education, no home and no money to buy food for your children? You get sewing of course! Well ...

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Myanmar – Serious about mission in a new democracy

Aung Mang, Myanmar

I’m not a serious man,” declares Aung Mang, a Burmese follower of Jesus who is currently ministering across New Zealand as the guest of LeaDev-Langham. With a twinkle in his ...

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Myanmar – A new Bible for new times

Jacob Mung, Myanmar

Imagine wanting to read the Bible, but the only version available is in unfamiliar, outdated language. You have no additional helps whatsoever. Not a single cross-reference in the text. Not ...

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Sri Lanka – Planting a church in a drug rehab centre

Nanda, Sri Lanka

Nanda* studied at Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS), one of LeaDev-Langham’s Partner Schools in Sri Lanka. She tells her own story of how the Lord has led her to start Bible ...

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Indonesia – No education, electricity or piped water, but desperate to preach God’s Word

Raymond Maabuat, Indonesia

In inaccessible rural Indonesia, a young Langham preacher has passed on what he has learnt to 18 others, and started the area’s first school. When we think about studying God’s ...

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India – Passionate researcher’s personal library collection helps students

Robert Frykenberg, India

Recently Robert Frykenberg, Professor Emeritus of History & South Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin, and a committed Christian, donated the vast bulk of his unique personal library collection, specialising in ...

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Nepal – Generous Kiwi Christians provide roofing for a devastated rural village

Dr Ramesh Katry, Nepal

“The village thanks all of you donors for your kindness for providing the funds for the tin roofing sheets they received today.” These are the words of Dr Ramesh Katry, ...

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Syria – War-torn devastation: a Kiwi bloke who went to have a look, and came back

John Corban, Syria

LeaDev-Langham’s Finance Manager John Corban talks about his life-changing experience of meeting Syrian refugees Last month, I travelled to the UK. A Langham Partnership colleague insisted I come and visit ...

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Myanmar – A sponsorship for one young leader provides home and hope for orphaned children

Mang Mang, Myanmar

My name is Mang Mang and I live in Yangon, Myanmar, in a small apartment with my wife and young son, and twenty-one orphaned boys. Over one million children in ...

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