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Please pray for the work in various places around the world

On Mondays and Fridays over the next three weeks, a virtual Level Two seminar is happening, with Praveen & Veena Bunyan as the facilitators. The 40 participants come from states across North India—like Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. We are asked to pray that participants will ‘practice the skills they learn and be strengthened in their faith, leading to the transformation of their lives and the lives of those among whom they preach.’

A Level Three seminar takes place throughout this week in Yangon. About 20 participants are expected—with Kaw San, Run Nuam Thanng, Yaw Han, Nyo Nyo Win and Sein Kyi as the facilitators. Pray for safety amidst the unstable political situation—and pray also for the team with their plans to start a newsletter in Burmese, to be written twice a year with up to one thousand copies printed each time.

Also running right through the week is a Level Two seminar in Pursat, with 40 participants. A team of local facilitators—Sin Somnang, Tit Hieng, Bo Sameoun, Va Vachna, Vichet Seng—will be joined by Phil Nicholson. Somnang asks us to pray for safety in travel and for wisdom and strength as the team lead the seminar.

A Level One seminar is planned for Imphal (Manipur) from Tuesday until Thursday. About 50 participants are expected, with Kedo Peseyie and Johnson Raih as facilitators. This is a new work in a new state in the Northeast where there are a variety of heart languages. Please pray for effective communication and that churches will gain a vision for this ministry.

Friday is the 1st anniversary of the Russian invasion. The country is in turmoil. Our Europe & Caribbean team are inviting others to join them in their regular Zoom meeting on that day. It will become a time of prayer for Ukraine, with various guests like Langham Scholar Sergiy Tymchenko and Langham Preaching participant Marina Gnatyshyna. You are welcome: 13.30-1500hrs (GMT) on Friday, 24th February —

From Thursday until Sunday, a Level One seminar takes place in Dosquebradas—with Luz Maria Heibron, Jairo Alberto Vásquez and Jhon Faber Urriago as the facilitators. Please pray that ‘God will lead the 25 participants into a deeper love of his Word and this process of preaching it.’

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!


Colombo Theological Seminary [CTS] March 2023

Procrastination afflicts everyone sometime or the other. It is the tendency to put off for a future time, a matter that requires immediate attention. Studies show… Read more from CTS Principal, Dr Ivor Poobalab

Mark Meynell – Langham Preaching Director in Europe and the Carribbean

In a challenging and troubling world, there is so much for which to be thankful as God does His work among us. Here is one example from Mark Meynell, our Director in Europe, and the Caribbean.

It is not often one comes out of a funeral overwhelmed by gratitude, because, of course, it is always accompanied by great sadness. An unprecedented 4 billion people watched the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19th September. Read more as Mark regards her as an extraordinary evangelist. No doubt for many there were complex emotions, especially given the checkered history of British imperialism. But few can doubt the integrity of the Queen herself — someone who faithfully honoured the promises she made as a very young woman and worked to serve all she met in a way only she could do. The funeral and committal services were full of the King she served wholeheartedly — in many ways she was one of the most extraordinary evangelists in British history. She loved the Lord and longed for others to do so too. It’s hard not to think of her when we hear the preacher of Hebrews’ charge: Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith (Heb 13:7). As a Brit, but above all, as a servant of the King of Kings, I’m full of gratitude for my late Queen, my sister in Christ, who is very much alive in the Lord.

Zarephath Bible Seminary August 2022

The year 2022 has been a really exciting year for ZBS as we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Zarephath Bible Seminary. An exciting thanksgiving programme was arranged to thank God and acknowledge people who have contributed to… read more from the ZBS Principal, Rev. Shahbaz Boota

Lanka Bible College and Seminary in Sri Lanka [LBCS] July 2022

Principal, Lal Senanayake from Lanka Bible College and Seminary in Sri Lanka writes:

We are greatly encouraged by your love, prayers and support. Living and running the institution with students and staff in residence is really a challenge.  The students or their churches are not able to pay the 1/3rd of the fees (LBCS requirement) due to the prevailing bankruptcy in the country. We are feeding students and staff three meals a day, mostly from what we can find from our garden (Jackfruit, breadfruit, and other vegetables we sometimes can find). Cooking gas is not available. We are using firewood. Transportation is almost impossible. However, we make use of this opportunity to train these men and women for the work of the Kingdom and it is a privilege to have these students in residence so that we can run our program uninterrupted even during challenges.

Sri Lanka prayer items:

  • Please pray that the churches and Christian organizations may act wisely and with courage being the salt and light during these troubled times so that we become witnesses to the Kingdom of God.
  • Please pray that God will grant wisdom and humility to our national leaders to lead this country to recovery from this miserable situation.  

Thank you very much for your concern in this regard and we deeply appreciate your partnership with us.

LBCS Family

Christian Leaders’ Training College, PNG [CLTC] Update from Maxon Mani – Principal

Despite the weight of the financial situation, I would like to give an update of our current state.

First, from Jan – 1st half of April 2022 – because of no cash, staff and workers’ salaries were credited to staff and workers accounts held by the college.

Second, from the 2nd half of April – July – payroll suspended. Most workers and some the staff especially S&S & Poultry were laid off, a total of 61 persons. This is continuing. We have about 99 volunteers who are still working. We have received financial support for a food allowance from our friends from Australian and New Zealand in the last three months including July. We still need financial help for our volunteers. Our thanks to AAC and NZAC.

Third, the work to restart the poultry has begun. We believe in the team; Gordon M, Garth M and David Drummond in NZ and Michaelyn and her team at CLTC. We do not promise anything soon.

Fourth, our properties in Lae still need maintenance. Phil Tait will communicate with our Tech Services Team to look at ways to get the maintenance done for eventual rental arrangement.

If you would like to contribute to CLTC
cost of food allowances or to the poultry reset, donate here.

College of Christian Theology, Bangladesh [CCTB] January-June 2022 Newsletter

Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development [LSESD] July 2022 Newsletter

Bethlehem Bible College [BBC] June 2022 Newsletter

Asia Theological Association [ATA] April- June 2022 News Issue

“It’s an economic crisis that was brought on by a political crisis, and now, we’re just
generally in crisis.” – Al Jazeera Start Here with Sandra Gathman.

A once self-sufficient nation, Sri Lanka is now reeling from bankruptcy. One crises has led to another, a downward spiral that has quickly escalated into the freefall of a nation… Read newsletter here

Eastern Europe Institute of Theology [EEIT]

The Eastern European Institute of Theology is launching the Summer School of Theology as a form of non-formal education. Its purpose is to create a platform to support the viability of the Ukrainian theological community and its involvement in the global dialogue. 

Topic of the Summer 2022 session: Theology of the Other under the Pressure of the Empire
Click here to read more…

June 2022: Colombo Theological Seminary [CTS] Principal’s Annual Report 2021

Dear Friends of CTS

Please find attached [click here] the 2021 Annual Report which was presented at the Annual Meeting held on 28th May 2022.

I trust it will provide you an encouraging snapshot of the Lord’s grace to and through CTS in 2021.

We continue in daily gratitude for your prayerful and encouraging partnership.

Warm regards
Rochelle Hakel-Ranasinghe
PA to Principal and Resource Development Manager | Colombo Theological Seminary

September 2021: Myanmar update

Myanmar’s security crisis deepened this week when its shadow government, which is allied with ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi, called for an armed revolt against the ruling military junta, sparking an escalation of fighting in parts of the country.

The declaration sets the stage for a further unravelling in the crisis-hit Southeast Asian country, where the military has violently cracked down on protesters since it seized power in February. More than 1,000 have been killed by security forces, and dozens of soldiers have lost their lives in retaliatory attacks that have increased in frequency and intensity.

“Today … we launched a people’s defensive war against the military junta,” said Duwa Lashi La, acting president of the National Unity Government (NUG). He called on citizens “in every corner of the country” to revolt against military rule.

SOURCE: Washington Post

September 2021: Bethlehem Bible College update

On September 6th, our campus will once again be full of the sounds of students coming to class, excited to meet new friends, teachers, and encounter God in new ways. At this point we have 25 new and returning students in the BA in Biblical Studies Program, … read more

PREVIOUS Events & Updates

May 2021: India update

Crisis in India impacts SAIACS… Read more

Lausanne Movement

Though India is the world’s biggest vaccine producer, the country is struggling to vaccinate its population against COVID-19 and currently accounts for nearly half of all global cases. In this short video, gain insight into the reality of the situation in India and join in prayer with Finny Philip, board member of the Lausanne Movement, pastor, and principal of the Filadelfia Bible College based in Udaipur, India.

April 2021: New Langham International Director appointed

Langham is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev Tayo Arikawe, as its new International Director. Read more…

April 2021: Aung Mang Memorial Service

LeaDev-Langham hosted an online Memorial Service
for Aung Mang,
on Saturday 17 April 2021,
at 7:30pm, NZ time.


Read more…Aung Mang Memorial Fund

December 2020: Advent Reflections

August 2020: Beirut, Lebanon

Our partners on the ground and our response…how you can help

It is so hard to describe the devastation and overwhelming pain and despair that the people of Beirut have experienced from last week’s unbelievable explosion. And our partner schools are part of that. The explosion and subsequent widespread damage and pain in Lebanon is staggering and will be felt by hundreds of thousands for a long time to more

Theologians Without Borders 

TWB was established to assist theological education individuals and institutions globally more fully integrate their activities and efforts across the ‘Western’ / ‘non-western’ geopolitical regions of the world, based on values of equity, mutuality, partnership, and reciprocity. TWB is an independent charitable organization, which collaborates with the OC Network, the Langham Network, the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education [ICETE], and other agencies and networks where there is a vision, mission and values match. 

Click the link below to go to the Theologians Without Borders website…

From Our Partner Schools

Pakistan:  Meet the new principal of our Partner School, ZBS – Aug 2018
Myanmar: MEGST News – June/July 2018


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Operation World  “Leadership development is the crucial bottleneck to Church growth. There is a worldwide lack of men and women truly called of God and deeply taught in the Scriptures to lead the churches … Those who accurately and effectively expound the Scriptures are few, especially in areas where the churches are growing rapidly.” Operation World 2010 p17