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May 2021: India update

Crisis in India impacts SAIACS… Read more

Lausanne Movement

Though India is the world’s biggest vaccine producer, the country is struggling to vaccinate its population against COVID-19 and currently accounts for nearly half of all global cases. In this short video, gain insight into the reality of the situation in India and join in prayer with Finny Philip, board member of the Lausanne Movement, pastor, and principal of the Filadelfia Bible College based in Udaipur, India.

April 2021: Aung Mang Memorial Service

LeaDev-Langham hosted an online Memorial Service
for Aung Mang,
on Saturday 17 April 2021,
at 7:30pm, NZ time.


December 2020: Advent Reflections

August 2020: Beirut, Lebanon

Our partners on the ground and our response…how you can help

It is so hard to describe the devastation and overwhelming pain and despair that the people of Beirut have experienced from last week’s unbelievable explosion. And our partner schools are part of that. The explosion and subsequent widespread damage and pain in Lebanon is staggering and will be felt by hundreds of thousands for a long time to more

Theologians Without Borders 

TWB was established to assist theological education individuals and institutions globally more fully integrate their activities and efforts across the ‘Western’ / ‘non-western’ geopolitical regions of the world, based on values of equity, mutuality, partnership, and reciprocity. TWB is an independent charitable organization, which collaborates with the OC Network, the Langham Network, the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education [ICETE], and other agencies and networks where there is a vision, mission and values match. 

Click the link below to go to the Theologians Without Borders website…

From Our Partner Schools

Pakistan:  Meet the new principal of our Partner School, ZBS – Aug 2018
Myanmar: MEGST News – June/July 2018


  1. Sometimes the gift of ‘being’ outweighs what we ‘do’ for others – Phil Fairbrass LDL Communications 09-Jan-2019
  2. Outside the Box Mission Engagement – Allan Harkness LDL Communications 07-Dec-2018
  3. The Asia Bibi Acquittal – A Pakistani Christian’s Response: LDL Communications 09-Nov-2018
  4. Mission: welcome home – Geoff New LDL Communications 16-Jul-2018
  5. Some of the challenges of pioneering a ground-breaking leadership programme in Pakistan – Dr Allan Harkness LDL Communications 22-Jun-2018

Help us grow the Kiwi support base for leaders in Asia-Pacific

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  • Here’s a map of where we’re working across Asia-Pacific.


December 2018 – Radio Rhema interviews Jenni Bedford, skilled volunteer on her return from ESOL teaching to Christian leaders in Sri Lanka
November 2018 – Radio Rhema interviews Tony Plews on the Christmas Commentary Challenge 18
October 2018 – Radio Rhema interviews Langham Scholar, George Mombi about developing leaders in PNG
October 2018 – Radio Rhema interviews Allan Harkness about developing leaders in the challenging context of Pakistan
September 208 – Radio Rhema interviews Dwi Handayani (Ass. Director for Asia for Langham Preaching) about training grassroots preachers in Indonesia and Asia.
September 2016 – Christian Life interviews Paul Windsor about training preachers around the world with Langham Preaching (pg 3)
April 2016 – Christian Life interviews Tony Plews

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Operation World  “Leadership development is the crucial bottleneck to Church growth. There is a worldwide lack of men and women truly called of God and deeply taught in the Scriptures to lead the churches … Those who accurately and effectively expound the Scriptures are few, especially in areas where the churches are growing rapidly.” Operation World 2010 p17