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Stand alongside the Church in Asia-Pacific

Join with other Kiwis who are the LeaDev-Langham network of support for church leaders in Asia-Pacific. Support Radical Disciples who live and minister in poverty and under great pressure. Stand alongside the next generation of Christian leaders who are being positioned for a future church of immense scale.  

When you give via LeaDev-Langham, you can be confident that your contribution is relational, strategic, sustainable and cost-effective. Being woven into the 'fellowship of the Gospel' through LeaDev-Langham is flexible; you can become as involved as you choose.

  • Give

    By giving through LeaDev-Langham you can be confident that your gift will go towards growing God’s church and impacting each society, not just this year, but in the decades ahead as competent emerging leaders are trained for ministry in their own country. When you give through LeaDev-Langham you can specify the ministry that interests you and the type of person or project you want to give to. Give now

  • Sponsor

    One of the most impactful ways to give to the growth of the church is to sponsor an emerging leader whilst they study. When you give a regular gift to the same person, you will make it possible for one leader in training to get what they need to truly respond to the call of God on their life. Your generosity will be subsidising the difference between the real, full cost of training and the local fee all students must pay to enroll in a Partner School. Read more

  • Pray

    Praying for our partners and for us is a donation of time and faith that we value immensely. Many of the leaders we support suffer greatly and are persecuted for following Christ, so there is always the need for prayer that God will sustain and assist them. Our regular Network News is a great way to learn about the needs of the men and women we serve in Asia-Pacific, and be encouraged in your faith. To receive our news, including prayer needs, please sign up on the home page. Sign up for prayer news

  • Partner

    If your church is looking for a greater involvement in missions, and a stronger connection with the church in Asia-Pacific, then a partnership via LeaDev-Langham is worthwhile. We have a range of ministries, projects and people who you could support; tailored to suit the unique focus and mission objectives of your church. We are also available to help your church ignite a passion for mission, by sharing what we’re privileged to have experienced, via five different sermons, seminars and speaking topics designed to inspire and prepare Kiwi Christians for mission. Here's more info.  We would love to meet you and your leadership team to explore how your church could be woven into the “fellowship of the Gospel” through LeaDev-Langham. Please feel free to call our office to set up a time to meet. Contact Us.

  • Volunteer

    Consulting on a short term “adventure” is an opportunity for you to volunteer your skills and expertise directly to missions, and also have a personally rewarding ministry experience. We have “adventures” at various stages in countries in Asia-Pacific (including New Zealand), so please contact us – we would love to talk further! Read more

  • Bequest

    We invite you to make a strategic investment in the young, emerging leaders who will continue the work of sharing the Gospel in Asia-Pacific in the coming decades – you can decide now to invest in eternity, when you have already reached it! With LeaDev-Langham’s bequest programme - Blue Sky Opportunity - you can make a strategic investment which will pay eternal dividends for the cause of Christ. Blue Sky Opportunity will allocate your gift to the closest match with your preferences: You may indicate which programme, partner or country you want to gift; or whether you want it distributed, or added to our two endowments: The Future Leaders Fund or the John Stott Memorial Fund. To talk further and confidentially, please contact us to set up a meeting with one of our staff.